Well, this is not another trance blog. This is „The Trance Blog” where all the fresh news will be published and all the new tunes will be presented.

There are a few categories and at first, we decided to present them just in a few words :

Albums : The newest albums, along with reviews will be posted only here for trance fans to learn something about them between listening. Reviews and advices just here!

Live Sets : Live sets mixed by the greatest DJ in the world on different occasions : publicity tournaments or important concerts on the dance scene (Nature One, Love Parade,etc.). In the next few days, the sets will be available to download.. Stay tuned!

Music Videos : No comment here, just watch and enjoy!

News : Just news. Everything about the upcoming concerts, line-ups and the busy schedule of the most important DJ’s. Also, this is the best spot to learn about the new DJ visits and concerts from Romania.

Biographies : Weekly biography of a DJ who really deserves the respect of all the trance fans in the world for the music he plays.

Finally, we would like to invite you to visit everyday our blog and especially : Stay Tuned!



  1. great blog! i found it now! very very nice project!


  2. Is this blog a Romanian project?
    ‘cause, if it is, I should add a new link in my blogroll :P.

  3. Yes it is ! 🙂

  4. duuude!!! that rocks!

  5. another music-blog? damn…

  6. Lovely blog. Good content.
    Added you a link on mine:

    Interested for a link exchange?
    get in touch.


  7. u have one of the best side, whit the best and new trance muzic ,keep it like this

  8. pt toti trancerii d pe site-ul asta dati si voi add la id-ul asta… ko5tel…sa vb pe mess

  9. @ Loris: thanks for the support but i don’t know if i’ll make a blogroll since nobody else asked me

    anyway, if anyone wants do add him on a blogroll, just e-mail me at trancedspirit@gmail.com and when i’ll get – let’s say – 10 requests i’ll make one

    and thanks to anyone who added links to this site. it means alot 🙂

  10. Great site 🙂 I’m myself some sort of „Tranced Spirit” and that’s great 🙂

    *stay tranced*

  11. And who are you, Sonyman? 🙂

    You were right: it is THE trance blog 🙂

  12. No info about me. I’m just a student who’s trying to finish highschool 😀

  13. This is an amazing site, thank you so much. Thanks Sonyman, Im also a member of urtrancezone.com But I think this is gonna be my new home 🙂 If I can contribuite with anything please let me know 🙂

  14. You’ll see. Big news are coming soon :>

  15. If you are interested, I can contribute with sets.

  16. Pretty soon claude, preety soon. 😀

  17. Hey Sony do you like Gareth Emery?

  18. Yes, as a producer. 🙂

  19. what about his podcast?

  20. Never listened.

  21. yes it’s started a very nice blog, but there is no frequent update lately, did the site dead or what!!!?

  22. WOW.. best blog for TRANCE.
    ADDED to my favorites!
    Keep up the good work!!!

  23. sorry pepps will be back and running with a surprise, hopefully next month.

    mean time..we were just busy.
    updates are coming..

  24. @ Jerry: No way. 🙂

  25. I wanted to comment something, but there is nothing to comment, very cool bLog dude … all those song lists made my day … coolex

  26. Awesome blog! Very useful to see when something get’s released. Keep up the good work!

  27. can anybody tell me what label is John o’callaghan ft audrey gallager – big sky is on it’s absolutely fucking rocking!

  28. Record Label: Armind 🙂

  29. I’m so glad I found it 🙂

  30. nice project!

  31. guys, check out http://www.nu-depthrecordings.co.uk and http://www.myspace.com/nudepthrecordings for info on forthcoming releases. cheers danny

  32. I have 2 requests:
    Do you by any chance have the recorded 6-hr set of Paul Van Dyk in Gatecrasher on May 27th 2007?
    Also on his Vandit night in Berlin on December 16th 2006?
    I would love to have these sets on my ipod…


  34. wow!wow!wow! the best site for trance! this is so great and so glad that i found it! xoxox \^_^/

  35. I just found this blog lately, and I think it’s amazing.
    this stie almost onws every other.

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