Publicat de: Sonyman | Noiembrie 29, 2007


so its goodbye from me. and goodbye from him.

for the latest in trance visit:



  1. Nooo :(. Again?!

  2. What is going on?!??! Is the site closing???
    Where I am supposed to get all the new Radio Shows from?!?!?!?

  3. tired of stealing stuff from other websites? 🙂

  4. No! It’s too bad; this is a phenomenal website.
    It’s been a regular part of my life for weeks now:(
    Thanks for all of the effort; your dedication is tremendous!


  6. I feel so sorry for it! It has been a pleasure ^_^

  7. thanks for the music sonyman.

  8. Bye.i’m happy for your wise decision.

  9. Come on, man, what’s wrong with u! how r u gonna make it without your music??? Think bout it, how can u leave us???

  10. gramo – nici nu imi bat capu cu tine. Ai nshpe mii de posturi pe zi si cred ca peste 300 de bookmark-uri in bowser. Get a life!

    for o7hers check: , rel dates (not as in here, but good to), lyrics and sets.

  11. Plecaciuni ca ai zis Gramo.

  12. nooooooooooooo…. please change your decision !!!

  13. sorry to hear that, thanks for all

  14. That’s tooo bad….one of the best sites on web for trance source/news…thanks for everything you’ve done.

  15. @joint: soooooo,… this is just another goodbye trick, right? 🙂

    ok, it’s not Gramo’s style to accuse without proofs; here goes just an example: this post on your „blog” uses material stollen from here.

  16. too bad but its not that bad..they just posted news/sets that they found from other source :p

  17. Too bad, I really liked the info on upcoming releases.

  18. well I had no complaints on them posting news, info.

    I can’t get a good unbroken connection from, it always chokes during Armins and TATW’s shows, plus I’m not always home to record them. Anybody else know where else can you download these shows from?

    The sonic sound site does not respond.

  19. please come back !!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sad to see it go.
    Glad to see the effort you put in when it was good.
    Good job.

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