Tspirit’s Top 5

Big change of plans on this page. From now on, here will be posted the results from the „Tspirit’s Top 5” poll, which was initially called „Your Top 5”. So, every month on the 27th of it, you can come here to see the results. The first results will be posted on the August 27, and will contain the results from the „Top 5 Producers” poll.

Note: All the comments untill this day, 16th August will be deleted since they are now off-topic. Hope that the authors will don’t mind.


Tspirit’s Top 5 Producers
1. Above & Beyond
2. Armin van Buuren
3. Markus Schulz
4. Giuseppe Ottaviani
5. Aly & Fila



  1. that’s a nice top5..but armin second as a producer..no way.

  2. Yeah, that’s true… John O’Callaghan and Jose Amnesia are way better and are not even there

  3. far more better ones are super 8 and tab – nic chagal – shah – arctic quest – M.I.K.E worldwide producers ;D but cant catogorize them into 5 hehe i would need a whole list many many amazing producers out there

  4. Yeah… Armin wouldn’t be placed in my top 10 producer.. and where’s Paul van Dyk and Gareth Emery? Not to mention Yahel.

  5. Don’t argue with me. I just posted the results. 😀

  6. i don’t think armin should be in the 2nd place
    i thik Armin is the best producer all over the world
    ARMIN VAN BUUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi

    I Like Aly & Fila 😉

  8. I think Armin tops the chart!
    Above & Beyond second…
    but also Darren Tate for me is one of the best…
    Keep on trancing….

  9. i think that ARMIN must be in the 1 place producer, he’s the number ONE in the world!
    ****In Trance We Trust****

    „The Fellowship of Trance”

  10. where paul van dyk? I think Armin should be above above & beyond though… if anything.. imo.

  11. armin 😀 jk,wheres super8 and tab?

  12. yeah that`s right… an d what is giuseppe doing there..i’ve hearrd of him in about 2 tracks until now and nbothing is.. that amzing about him…

  13. those are not the real facts… and everybody knows it..:P

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