Release Requests

Joint has come up with another awesome idea for this blog and especially for you, those who visit us every day. It’s about a new category that is called „Release Requests”.

What is this about? I bet that you have a lot of favorite tracks that you want information about. Unfortunately, every day there are a lot of new releases, so we cannot include all of them.

Why? Because I saw that some of you type in the search bar tunes that aren’t mentioned here on this site. But, from now on, they will be. Just write the track that you need information about and we will try to provide you all that you need below this page.

Note: First search if the particular track that you want to know about isn’t posted here. If not, feel free to write it down.



  1. That’s a great idea!!! Ok, let me be the first one 😀

    Onova – Platitude

  2. no info about that release for now. 😦
    all we know is that it’s signed with ‘Monster Tunes’ record label.

  3. Thanks.. next one: Santiago Nino vs Damien Heck – Redsky 😉

  4. ok so we find actually something.
    Onova – Platitude – Release Date 8th October 2007

    as for redsky, no info yet.

  5. Aly & Fila feat. FKN – How long?

    Awesome tune!! Waiting for this release so bad! Along with Bulldozer, but until september 😦

  6. i need alright by pettigrew bootleg (red carpet)

  7. ‘How Long’ do we have to wait? 🙂 no release info yet.
    As for Red Carpet – Alright (Doman & Pettigrew Bootleg) i dont think we’ll see a release.

  8. Hey i am looking for the marcel woods live set at dance valley 2007 was at the gig i want the set it was brilll


  9. wasn’t recorded m8.

  10. some of them might not released, anw hope to be lucky
    Psycatron – Catch Me
    Sonic Division – Bulky Hero
    Satoshi Fumi – D1
    Andrew Bennett – Area Codes

  11. Sonic Division – Bulky Hero its currently unsigned, COldharbour Recordings might get it.
    Andrew Bennett – Area Codes – no news

    as for the other 2, they are unknown to me.

  12. Another ones:
    Dave 202 – Louvre
    Kyo & Gil – Ultima

  13. Dave 202 – Louvre Release Date 10/09/2007
    Kyo % Gil dunno.

  14. Thomas Bronzwaer – Resound

    Due on Vandit but when?

  15. if you’d searched the blog you’d find out.
    Thomas Bronzwaer – Resound release date 20/08/07

  16. Filterheadz – Yimanya (Digital Nature Bootleg)
    Great tune, but will it be relased??

  17. When is the

    Bryan Adams – Run 2 You [Rafael Forst Bootleg] going to be released?

  18. I’d like to know when Marcus Schossow – Mr. White Original Mix and Ruben De Ronde Remix get released.

  19. Bjorn Akesson- Sunchaser

  20. For those who haven’t been answeared…click here

    Wait for Joint to come back ‘cause he’s the „Release Guy” 🙂

  21. Hey, I’m lookin’ 4 a song. It may be that I’m not lookin’ where I should be lookin’, but I’ve heard this track from a video on Youtube, the track is the forthcoming production of Matt Hardick with Mark Pledger and it’s entitled Fallen tides, thnx.

  22. Bjorn Akesson- Sunchaser – It will be released as „Akesson – Sunchaser” on Fraction Records (owned by signalrunners) – date unknown (pretty soon i guess)

  23. Bryan Adams – Run 2 You [Rafael Forst Bootleg] – its a bootleg, wont see a release

  24. Digital Nature (Iulian Cuculea – Romanian 😀 )
    Filterheadz – Yimanya (Digital nature remix)
    To Be it will be released, the date isnt known.

    Mr whiteeeeeee – no one knows..he said earlier this year that will be at the end of august, but can u trust him? 😀

  25. Matt Hardwick & Mark Pledger – Fallen Tides (the song is nowhere 2 be find :-< )

  26. which label -> Dave 202 – Louvre ?

    Please 🙂


  28. John O Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (Agnelli & Nelson remix) (Armind) omg what a great tune

  29. its on site
    around 24-sept

  30. when will: Pimp! Code – You know, release? its on the Future Trance Vol. 41 🙂

  31. Mike Newman – Wicked Party incl. Teenagerz Remix 🙂 ?

  32. The Filterheadz remix will probably be released next year on Discover and ID&T, long friggin time…

  33. thx for clearing that out 🙂

    as for
    Mike Newman – Wicked Party incl. Teenagerz Remix
    A1:Teenagerz remix
    A2:Naksi Vs. Brunner pres. D.O.N. Tekk remix
    B1:Original mix
    B2:Hardstyle mix

    sometime in sept (1-10 sept) on Dancemania Recordings

  34. Matt Hardwick & Mark Pledger – Fallen Tides is due out later this summer on Ajunabeats.

  35. didnt get the answer to this one: Pimp! Code – You know . Its on Zooland Records.. but release date ??

  36. Sorry, but there isn’t any info about that release

  37. Thnx, joint.

  38. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – DOwn To YOu [Pulsar Remix]?

  39. I’m lookin’ for the playlist of Moor Music (August 2007) – with Andy Moor….awesome set..

  40. Here you go ko5tel

    01. Cressida – No More Lies (Original mix)
    02. Eddie Sender – Lenin (Original mix)
    03. Jay Lumen – Missing (feat. Antonia Lucas) (Instrumental mix)
    04. R.E.N.O.I.S.E. vs. Shifted Reality – Sweet Dreams (Shifted Reality remix)
    05. Markus Schulz vs. Andy Moor – Daydream (Club mix)
    06. Hawk – Emerald Mine (feat. Sasja) (Hawk remix)
    07. Mike Shiver and Elevation – Hurricane (Marc Damon remix)
    08. David West – True Love (Vadim Soloviev remix)
    09. Above and Beyond presents Tranquility Base – Oceanic (Super8 and Tab remix)

  41. What about Down to you? I am also waiting for this tune to be released! I loved the vocals!! 😀

  42. I don’t know for sure, maybe joint will correct me. but i saw a news in which it was saying that two brand tunes from Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren will appear at the end of ths month, including remixes. The first is „Saved Again” and the second would probably be „Down To You” 🙂

  43. Any infos about „Chase my Rabit” (Marcus Shossow)?

  44. Sonyman, do u like have an messenger id or a mail adress where we can „bother” U with all our trance questions and possibly (maybe) get our answers faster? :-„

  45. But we also want to see what other people ask, maybe there’s a track I want to know its release as well 😦

  46. If you want someone to bother, that should be Joint because he is the one who knows all the releases. 😀

  47. Do you know when will be released the full versions of PvD’s album? For example, the tracks „Dolce Vita” and „In Circles”….

  48. OK, Sonyman-I’ll just direct my question towards joint this time ( but so U know U have wasted a perfectly good opportunity of bein’ bothered) 🙂

  49. and what about Allure Feat Julie Thompson – Somewhere Inside Of Me from ISOS 6??

  50. tommorow you’ll have some answers.
    roxc, leave me yr mail.

  51. beyondthedevilsreach (you can add the eternal :)) and voila:my email )

  52. i was wondering does anyone know what happened to the release of Digital Delay’s ‘My Love’ ??? That was on of my favorite songs jules played at Global gathering 2005, i thought it was due to come out in april or something of that year in 2005, but i still cant find any info on the track. someone please let me know


  53. MMarkus Schulz ft. Andy Moor – Daydream [12 Inch and Club Mixes]?

  54. Marcus Schössow – Mr White in October
    Marcus Schössow – Chase My Rabbit – no release date (it will future a Moonbeam Remix)

    Markus Schulz ft. Andy Moor – Daydream – somewhere around 23-30 sept. No date confirmed

    Allure Feat Julie Thompson – Somewhere Inside Of Me – the album isn’t released yet :)) and you want hte track? If it will be on a sampler (wich i doubt), maybe you can get it.

    Same with tracks froms PvD’s new album.

  55. lol I have ISOS 6 already

  56. yea, well lol, i bet you didn’t pay for that.

  57. but i can tell you that these 3 tracks:
    Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
    Allure Feat Julie Thompson – Somewhere Inside Of Me
    Reeves Feat Alanah – Lonely
    are amazing. greetings from Poland

  58. For quite some time i’ve been awaiting:

    Randy Boyer ft. Hydroid – Strike Again
    Airbase – Garden State [Ronski Speed Revamped Mix]

  59. Airbase – Garden State – late september 22-29 sept.

    “Strike Again” – Randy Boyer & Hydroid will be coming out on Armin Van Buuren’s record label “A State Of Trance” in the Fall / Winter of 2007.

  60. jezper w00t 😀

  61. ur a genious joint 😀

  62. and Oakenfold – It’s Not Over (Robert Vadney 2007 Remix) ?

  63. Mark Norman – Ventura
    Graeme Harrison – Xanthe
    Daniel Kandi – Turnmills
    Dt8 Project – Falling (Darren Tate Remix)


  64. Mark Norman – Ventura was already released I think

  65. i need the intro version from Johan Gielen – Magnitude that the man played himself on Trance Energy in Utrecht Netherlands in Febr 2007

    whop can help me please?

  66. Sufjan Stevens Vs. Signalrunners – Chicago ?

  67. there isn’t a release date yet for the signalrunners remix of chicago.

  68. could u post the lyrics of beauty hides in the deep by doppler effect, john o callaghan mix??

    such a good song…….

    oh .. and VOTE FOR ARMIN/…..

  69. Vote for Armin? Neah, maybe next year :))

  70. avi:

  71. Daniel Kandi – Turnmills?

  72. Anyone know when fkn how long aly and fila mix is going to be released on digital? also paul van dyk – get back also on single digital download!

    thankyou!! :oP

  73. Daniel Kandi – Turnmills TBA
    as for „How Long’ they are currently looking to making new remixes.

  74. Van Der Karsten – Beat The Drums on Aqualoop.. releasedate?

  75. Nic Chagall – Back to San Fransisco?

    oh and Rafael Frosts bootleg of Run 2 You will be released late Sept./Oct!

  76. Nic Chagall – Back to San Fransisco its on site.
    use search (21sept-late sept anyways)

  77. how about
    TON – Lost Childhood [Jaytech Remix]?

  78. ^ nm its already been released sry

  79. how about Markus Schulz – Cause You Know?

  80. Hey Joint, i can’t find this track anywhere, a freind got a record of it at Armin Van Buurens White party in Sydney a month or two ago, if i upload it, would you mind having a listen to it and see if you might be able to ID it for me ? needless to say no one i know can ID it, and i’ve never heard it being played before.


  81. post the link here and if i can i will help u.

  82. as for markus schulz – cause you know..u have it already on the album.

  83. Thanks very much joint, much appreciated
    i’ve uploaded it to megaupload for you and it’s about a meg, so it will download in no time at all

    sorry bout the poor audio quality and the screaming people but you can get a pretty clear sound when it comes in!
    Thanks again Joint!

  84. I know it :p
    It’s 4 Strings – Take Me Away (Mac Zimms Remix)

  85. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
    the stupid thing is i’ll go off at my mate, cuase just before that build up, it has the well known take me away snyths … he’s an idiot hahaha
    Thanks very much, you guys freakin’ rock!
    i’ll be checkin’ this site out more often =)
    Thanks again!!!

  86. Envio – FOr You [Blizzard Remix[?

  87. I already have it, in case you want it 😀

  88. Heard it tonight in ASOT so it is very new.
    But maybe heh
    Anyone who knows the releasedate for:
    Sebastian Brandt – So Cold ?

  89. Zurdo you already have Envio – For You [Bliizzard Remix]?

  90. Sebastian Brandt – So Cold hasn’t even been signed yet. 🙂

  91. And sorry, I thought a friend had the full version from For you (Blizzard remix), but it’s a HQ rip :(, he fooled me!

    And do you guys already know anything about „Kyo & Gil – Ultima”?

  92. Airbase – Lucid (Remixes)
    Airbase – Kingpin (Remixes)

    Please and thank you!

  93. Airbase – Lucid will be the next release on MoonrisingRecords (MR-019) so will probably be released in 2 months from now. No official date yet.

    Airbase – Kingpin is sign to Diverted Recordings and will have some nice remixes from:
    -Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi
    -Saint Rush
    -DJ Jack

    Late 2007

  94. And what about „Kyo & Gil – Ultima”? Nothing yet?

  95. They better sign it fast then
    Because ‘So Cold’ sounded very good in ASOT

  96. How about:

    Tek-Ne ft. Catherine – Taurine [Dub Mix]?

  97. Markus Schulz & Andy Moor – Daydream (12″ Mix)
    The song has been released, but it’s not full version .. . makes it hard to mix 😦

  98. markus dosen’t know if ‘daydream’ or ‘cause you know’ will be the next single.

    Tek-Ne ft. Catherine – Taurine signed to coldharbour/armada – no release date yet.

  99. Hey uh you never told me what day Envio – For You [Blizzard Mix] was coming out?

  100. Alright thanks for the Lucid/Kingpin info.

    Other releases: Orjan Nilsen pres. Domonic Dominion – Black Mamba


  101. no news on black mamba sorry 😦
    great track tho.

  102. Is Jody Wisternoff – Starstrings coming out anytime soon?

    Thanks! I’m in love with that track.

  103. I just heard this track on the Myspace of Blake Jarrell himself:

    Gabriel & Dresden Featuring Molly Bancroft – Let Go (Blake Jarrell Remix)

    Is there anything known about this track ?
    It sounds superb

  104. Yo, what about the lyrics of „Pertetuous Dreamer – The Sound Of Goodbye”? I have them! 😛

  105. we2:D

  106. I can write those lyrics myself. And any of Armin’s vocal productions.

  107. Go ahead!? -.-

  108. No, because the lyrics section is only for the current tunes. And „The Sound of Goodbye”, despite the fact it got two brand new remixes, remains very very very old. 🙂


    Every face I see is cold as ice
    Everything I touch is …
    Ever since I lost imagination

    Like a string that flows into the see
    I am lost for all internity
    Ever since you took your love from me

    Sometimes x 3

    Sometimes, the sound of goodbye
    Is louder, than any drum beat
    Sometimes, the sound of goodbye
    Is louder, than any drum beat

    Sometimes, the sound of goodbye
    Is louder, than any drum beat
    Sometimes, the sound of goodbye
    Is louder, than any drum beat

    Sometimes, the sound of goodbye
    Is louder, than any drum beat
    Sometimes, the sound of goodbye
    Is louder, than any drum beat

  109. 🙂 It’s still hot man 😀

  110. i need some tracks
    the ones whose lyrics are present in the lyric section
    cant find the tracks
    bt the lyrics are awesum

    can someone be ov help….

  111. so..what’s yr req then?

  112. Marcus Schossow – Tone Diary 003 pleeeeeez!

  113. Mine request are the tracks..

    i just read the lyrics
    it seems to be good

    but i cdnt find the tracks anywhere on p2p softwares….

    i want to dnld the tracks…
    where to get them :S

  114. Claude, you want to make another lyrics? =)

  115. hello… how long will it be until the Ali & Fila – how long. release…?

  116. I have a request , why admin doesn’t upload Bobina – Russia Goes Clubbing ? It’s Progressive Trance , awesome sets i would say.

  117. aly&fila – how long..pretty much i guess.

    as for russsia goes clubbing, we might upload it in the future.

  118. Sonyman:

    First State feat. Anita Kelsey – Falling

    I’m falling under your spell

    I’m falling under your spell

    Cant slow down I’m…

    I’m falling under your spell

    Feel so alive

    I’m falling under your spell

    Cant slow down

    I’m falling under your spell



  119. joint on September 29th, 2007
    at 1:00 pm:

    Do you might know on what label Black Mamba is signed under?

  120. @Nismo

    afaik, it’s „Enhanced Recordings”, perhaps joint can confirm this?!

  121. What about Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base – Buzz (and its remixes)??

    I love that tune!! 😀

  122. Afaik, it’s Anjunabeats.

  123. Greg Downey – Once Again

  124. Discover Records.

  125. No, I meant when about Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base – Buzz was gonna be released… hehehe sorry

  126. Sorry, that was my error :s

  127. intuition 145 please))

  128. Your request has been filled. :p
    Click here !

  129. Marcus_Schossow_-_Tone_Diary_004 please!
    thx for the intuition 145!!!))

  130. tone diary is on air right now :p

  131. No worries FRAER_X. Intuition Recordings and Tone Diary are regularly uploaded.

  132. Ок! I will wait fot it!))

  133. FRAER_X:

    Tone Diary 004:

    01. Dirty Dot – Recycle
    02. Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels – Its Our Future (Deadmau5 Remix)
    03. Schossow & Sagstad – Hypnotizer
    04. Perpetuous Dreamer – The Sound of Goodbye (Simon & Shaker Remix)
    05. Cassius – My Feeling For Yu (Roam L Mix)
    06. ID
    07. ID
    08. Joop – Prominent
    09. ID
    10. Kayama Painters – Far From Over (Oliver Lieb Remix)

    (Rapidshare by claudeRX)

    [audio src="" /]

  134. Ok another released request:

    First State – Evergreen

    I messaged them about this track, and they said this August, obviously it passed.


  135. Request

    Anybody know where I can find the Oasis remix shake the wall by nick terranova?

  136. Yes, please!! I want that tune as well! 😀

  137. I (personally) do not feature illegal links, sorry.
    But for Sonyman and joint, I do not know. Wait for an official Statement of them. 😉

  138. Oh no, I understand… my question was if you guys know anything if that tune is going to be released?

  139. i don’t know nothing about that oasis remix.

    First Stare – Evergreen wil be on their album which will hit stores around 21 Nov

  140. Hey, one question… I know this tune was already released long time ago, but since you (Joint) know everything about tunes, I wanted to see if you could help me.

    Do you know where I can buy or find the tune White Water – The Unknown (PvD rework)?? I already have the original mix and club mix, but I haven’t been able to get the PvD rework (the one he used on his album the Politics of Dancing 2 and live sets), and I loved that remix!

    Can you help me please? 😀

  141. i’ll try. 🙂

  142. Thank you, Joint, I would really appreciate your help since that it’s one of my favorite tunes!! 😀

  143. i love trance

  144. Dobenbeck – Please Don’t Go (Chris Reece Remix)

    Please release date ?

  145. Hi Guys!
    Searching for release dates of these tunes:

    W&W – Mustang

    Dobenbeck – Please Dont Go

    M6 – Destination 6

    Robert Nickson – 5th Dimension (Daniel Kandi Remix)

    4 Strings – Catch A Fall

    Will appreciate response! 🙂

  146. 4 Strings – Catch a Fall – 19 Nov
    W&W is unsigned yet.
    M6 – Destination 6 will see a release after Paul Mads – Where would you be without me is released on the 25. So probably late nov..early december.

    Robert Nickson – 5th Dimension (Daniel Kandi Remix) dunno nothing..

    btw these are tracks that are just being promoted..just wait a little bit longer.

  147. Still no word on Garden State? I want the VINYL

  148. @ zurdo White Water – The Unknown (PvD rework) – maybe it has been remixed only for that compliation..anyway it won’t see a release.

    A&B – Buzz (incl Breakfast Remix) 10th December
    Airbase – Garden State, i said 22nd Oct but i doubt it. Somatic Sense is pushing it further more.

  149. Thank you, Joint 😀 … too bad they didn’t release it. I will have to find a reconstrution then 😦

  150. @joint on October 21st, 2007
    at 4:51 pm

    Are you serious, the want to hold it back more? wtf…they haven’t released anything in while. Why held it back. I hope it does see release soon.

  151. Thought that this tune would be released somewhere during the summer
    But it is still not released……anyone who knows more info about:

    Randy Boyer vs Hydroid – Strike Again ??

  152. +1 TranceAddict. i want to see its release as well

  153. Kyo & Gil La – Ultima

    i know zurdo brought it up a few times but i heard the track back in june on ASOT and think its rediculous that i haven’t heard about a release date yet. i am in love with this track and want to mix it into my sets…..thanks.

  154. Breakfast – The Horizon, already know it’ son flashover, just seeing if a release date is in site 🙂


  155. Thanks Sonyman, appreciate it 🙂

  156. DILLETO – OVER (dub remix)

  157. OCTV003 Orjan Nilsen – Black Mamba / Down & Dirty / Black Mamba (Maarten Hercules Remix)

    Probably won’t be out till next year.

  158. Any news on these:

    Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix)
    Dobenbeck – Please Don’t Go (Chris Reece Remix)
    Deadmau5 – Arguru

  159. Breakfast – The Horizon late nov.(26)
    Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix) released
    Dobenbeck – Please Don’t Go (Chris Reece Remix) dunno.
    Deadmau5 – Arguru 23Nov

  160. @Joint
    Thank you so much! Errr, guess I gonna have to wait ‘til November.

    Forgot to ask about another one.

    John O’Callaghan – Big Sky

  161. JOHN O’CALLAGHAN FT. A. GALLAGHER – BIG SKY prob december.
    anyway, after Reason To Forgive sees a release which will be on the 26Nov.

  162. Breakfast – The Horizon 26Nov

  163. I know this has been asked, but the release date joint gave isn’t correct. Dave 202 – Louvre? Or is this an MP3 only release :-/?

  164. I dont wanna sound stupid (but i guess i am), but what do you do whit the relese dates/for what purpose?

  165. and btw, how the heck do u Sonyman and Joint know so much? 😛

  166. If I know the release date I know when to buy that vinyl and put it in my sets.

  167. True, well anyone know where i can buy Squash 84 – Cruise Voyage


  169. What’s the scoop with Riff and Plattitude
    Riff is released on vinyl, but not on any MP3 sites (audiojelly, beatport etc ..)
    And Platitude is released nowhere in aus … any light on that situation ?

  170. for riff in mp3.

    as for platitude is unreleased yet.

  171. I just want to reach out with a huge thank you to the admins of this site 🙂 🙂
    Great site guys, keep it up!!

  172. „oh and Rafael Frosts bootleg of Run 2 You will be released late Sept./Oct!” – Chester

    Is this confirmed? Source? Would LOVE to grab this!

  173. Hi all 🙂 I want to ask you about some tracks, when they’ll be released. Thank you
    And the tracks are:
    1.Sound Players – Thunderlight (All remixes)
    2.Sebastian Brandt – Technology
    3.Typical – Mutemath (Randy Boyer Remix)
    4.Daniel Kandi – Out of Sight

    Thank you 😉

  174. (Second attempt :)):

    Dave202 – Louvre (vinyl release)

  175. its signed to captivating sounds.
    CVSA055 ‘Till The Sky Falls Down’
    CVSA056 signed
    CVSA057 signed

    i don’t think it will be released this year.

  176. seb. brandt – technology & john o’ callaghan – big sky are around there, especially the last was released on september..

  177. Sebastian Brandt – Technology will be released on ASOT end of december.
    Sebastian Brandt – So Cold – 2008

    JOC – Big Sky probably december as well on Armind.

    Daniel Kandi – Out of Sight hasn’t even been promod dont ask for tracks that are so ‘hot’ 🙂

  178. No one knows anything yet for Aly & Fila – How long? 😦

  179. hello mates, I love this web.. it’s so hot and great!

    I found that Summer Blush will be released on the 21st january 08.. Can u confirm that?

    Vast Vision pres. Mungo – Summer Blush
    release date: 21 January 2008
    label: (ASOT, Armada)

    01. Summer Blush (Original Mix)
    02. Summer Blush (Aly & Fila Mix)

  180. Joint I have this track Out of Sight but I dunno where to put it. When it’ll be released so it is in mine unreleased choons folder :p

  181. how about Maor Levi – Life Inside a Cube?)

  182. And Randy Boyer ft. Hydroid – Strike Again!

  183. what about ohmna the sun will shine ‘remix’ on asot 320!! cant find ittt!

  184. Ohmna – The Sun Will Shine (Full Moon Mix) 19/11

  185. Hi this is a sick site, however I was wondering if you could feature Deep Blue as one of your regularly hosted radio shows? ❤

  186. Anyone here who knows the releasedate of the following tunes:

    – Magic Wave – Galapagos (DJ Shah & Ralph Fritsch Tribute Mix)
    – The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O’Callaghan Remix)
    – Lemon & Einar K – Anticipation
    – Galen Behr vs Hydroid – Shift of the Ages

    Thnx in advance

  187. Deep Voices – Your Picture ( Robert Nickson Remix )
    Holy shit this choon is killing me

  188. I have question to experts:
    Here you have a short video :

    Could you tell me the name of the tracks ? Especially the first one ?

    Thanks in advance

  189. intuition 150 please!!!)))

  190. This is without a doubt a great site!

    Two tracks:

    – Alex Kunnari – Lifter
    – DJ Eremit – Tanz der Seele (YOMC mix)

    Does anyone know the release dates?


  191. Hi Guys!
    Any idea when Lange is going to release his singles from his new album?
    „Out Of The Sky” and „Songless”

  192. Matt Darey – Nocturnal 118 please…

  193. ok..quick update ppl 🙂

    @ Norest – will feature deep blue from this week on.
    @ Tranceaddict – Magic Wave – Galapagos (DJ Shah & Ralph Fritsch Tribute Mix) no news.
    – The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O’Callaghan Remix) probably 10dec on EE (features a JOC remix and a Ronski Speed Remix)
    – Lemon & Einar K – Anticipation dunno exact release date; signed with Flashover Recordings. Probably in december.
    – Galen Behr vs Hydroid – Shift of the Ages [yakuza] no news.
    @ tingles – Deep Voices – Your Picture ( Robert Nickson Remix ) dunno nothing.
    @ Wajuna – Alex Kunnari – Lifter incl Remixes from JS16, Miika Kuisma, Paul Webster, Joonas Hahmo on the 26th of Nov.
    @ Ville – Lange album will be out in middle december, on the 20th. His latest single ‘Songless’ will be out late november – early december.

    as for Matt Darerry and Intuition dunno..pretty soon..if i have time. 🙂

  194. What about
    Robert Nickson – Out There (5th Dimension) Daniel Kandi Remix)?

  195. I GOT red carpet – allright doman and pettigrew bootleg.mp3




  197. Matt Darey – Nocturnal 119 please

  198. Rafael Frosts bootleg of Run 2 You

    update on this? Someone said it was to be released…

  199. hey what about
    Savannah – Artic Outlet
    Johan Gielen – Okinawa Sunset(Andy Duguid Remix)

  200. @ eric its bootleg man..only chance if you see it on 12″ but i doubt it.

  201. I figured that was the case, just this post had me confused:

    oh and Rafael Frosts bootleg of Run 2 You will be released late Sept./Oct!

    just wondering if that was true or not…

  202. Jaytech – Bluefire
    I think it might be out now…

  203. hello,
    any idea on when volition – dimensions will be released?

  204. Well, I was checking Aly & Fila’s website and „How long” will be released until February 2008 and „Lost Language” until May 2008


  205. Hey, I really need your help!
    Mike Koglin & Mark Pledger – All The Way
    I wonder if this is going to be released in WEB HQ format cause it`s only avaliable on CDR at the moment.
    Grateful for response/ Vilhelm

  206. Matt Darey – Nocturnal 120 please…

  207. [audio src="" /]

  208. 192 kbps u have ?

  209. Hello maybe someone could post dj tiesto live @ litexpo in vilnius 2007 11 23 set? im thankful

  210. Myon – Albion


    1. Mike Koglin – All The Way is out today

    2. What’s up with those 2 Aly & Fila tracks not coming out for so long?

  211. One More:

    1. I just got Alex Kunnari – Lifter and it is sick.

    2. As is Gleave – Community Service. It almost reminds me of Marcel Woods – Advanced, which I was just wishing I could still spin. Great track, both of them.

  212. Thanks, DJErroneous!

    I got one more:
    Robert Nickson – Out There (5th Dimension (Daniel Kandi Remix)

  213. Lost Witness ft. Kate Smith – Take me There (Pierre Pienaar Remix)

    It is available on I-Tunes already, but it is UK only
    Is there anyone who knows when it becomes available for the rest of the world ?

  214. pls can anyone look on this video and tell me what is the name of the track? Its lovely!

    Ferry Corsten is playing it @ Transmission 4 @ Prague

  215. Ronnie Allstar – Good Morning Sunshine (Lemon & Einar K Remix)

  216. and what about Dream Flight by Eric de Koning?? any info? 😀

  217. Hi there mates,

    Does anyone know the releasedate of this track?

    – DJ Eremit – Tanz der Seele (YOMC mix)


  218. Hey guys! I know I’ve asked about it a few times, but just in case anyone else was curious about the track:

    Rafael Frost – Run To You (I guess thats how they want it to be named)

    was just released…got my copy at Beatport!


  219. anyone know the release date of Vincent De Moor – Sunflower (VDM’s 2008 Rework) ?

  220. anyone no the release date of these tunes as played by above & beyond

    – deadmau5 „Arguru” [EDX’s 5un5hine Remix]
    – Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility base „Surrender” [Jaytech Remix

  221. Kyo & Gil La – Ultima:

    I just recieved an email from Enhanced Recordings that said Ultima will be released on february 4th 2008. 8 months after its debut on ASOT….ugh

  222. Lyala vs Se.Ra.Phic -Karinya plz upload it for meeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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