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Deep Voices – Your Picture [Combined Forces]

Deep Voices – Your Picture
Release Date

Trans-Atlantic studio partners Steve Baltes (Germany) and Jason Dyloot (USA) are back. Having enjoyed recent success with releases on labels such as Adjusted, Noys and Maximal Recordings, they’ve now delivered guitar driven vocal trancer with a slight laidback yet dark feel for Combined Forces.

Most of you consider this a bomb..i think is average 😀
Features a Robert Nickson Remix.

Artist: Deep Voices
Record Title: Your Picture
Record Label: Combined Forces
Release Date: 14-Jan-2008
Cat. No: CFC006
Genre: Trance
Format: 12″
01. Your Picture (Remix)
02. Your Picture (Robert Nickson Remix)


My love is here to stay

Lay down
The sky’s so blue
Your picture in the moon
Stardust blown in your eyes
Love broken glass of lie
Go back to what you knew
Go back you’ll find it true
Lay down the sky’s so blue
Your picture in the moon

Broken glass
You’re going under
No way to go
My love is here to stay


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