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Alex Kunnari – Lifter [Black Hole]

Alex Kunnari – Lifter
Release Date

Alex Kunnari hails from the trance hotbed of Helsinki, Finland and has been involved in the DJing/producing business for fair few years now, in fact a good 15 of them. To me, he is new name but you may be familiar with the alias Modulation who, with Heikki L, he has made some hard-hitting trancers like ‘Sky’ and ‘White Flame’. His debut solo single, ‘Lifter’ has been picked up by Black Hole Recordings for their In Trance We Trust sub-label and been beefed up with a bumper pack of mainly Finnish remixes. If anyone knows a massive record, it’s them. This is beyond massive.


Artist: Alex Kunnari
Record Title: Lifter
Record Label: Magik Muzik
Release Date: 26-Nov-2007
Cat. No: N/A
Format: Mp3/Cds
Genre: Trance
01. Lifter (Original Mix)
02. Lifter (JS16 Remix)
03. Lifter (Miika Kuisma’s Three Floors Remix)
04. Lifter (Paul Webster Remix)
05. Lifter (Joonas Hahmo Remix)


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