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Lange – Better Late Than Never

lange.jpgNew info on Stuart Lange’s debut album release called ‘Better Late Than Never’.
The lbum it’s available on iTunes already for those of you than can’t wait any longer to hear his new material. The full CD release is scheduled for after Christmas according to

Meanwhile, his next single from the forthcoming album it’s called ‘Songless‘ – vocal masterpiece. ‘Songless’ see’s Lange dive off in another unexpected
direction! With stunning vocals from Jennifer Karr, this track jumps genre boundaries; Techno meets Trance meets Electro.

Release Date: 26-Nov-2007


Album Tracklist:
01. Nearly Home
02. Songless
03. Angel Falls
04. Frozen Beach
05. Maybe Tomorrow
06. Wind Farm
07. Red October
08. Out Of The Sky
09. Late Night Self Indulgence
10. Dial Me Up
11. Remember You
12. Home

01. Symmetry C
02. Intercity
03. Drifting Away
04. Sincere
05. Another You, Another Me
06. Protect Your Mind
07. Sincere For You
08. Reflections
09. You Take My Breath Away


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