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Jody Wisternoff – Starstrings [Dirty Soul]

Jody Wisternoff – Starstrings
Release Date

Starstrings’ is his third single with vocal contributions from the infamous Dirty Princess. On the house break beat tip, Jody delivers a dreamy yet powerful soulful track. Fans have been raving about it from the moment Jody uploaded a snippet to his myspace site, so it looks like this well could be a hit.

Tiësto: Nice record. Will play it in my house sets.
Armin van Buuren: Support
16 Bit Lolitas “Liked the dub version will play it out in warmup type settings!”
Craig Douris “Superfunky, supersmooth, supercool house with excellent vocals. I love the name of the track too, it really grabs attention. The only thing missing from the wholepackage was a vocal version of the Helmut Kraft mix which would have gone nicely with the super-retro synth stabs to make it a very mainstream house track. Charted at a number 15”
DJ Nippa “Beautiful track. Great, late night radio show material. I’m sure Tongy will love it”
Joe Sweeney (Tutto Mondo/Lava Lounge) “This is right up my alley – will def be playing and charting this gem. Can def see it fast becoming a staple in my sets. whoever said progressive is dead hasn’t been listening”
Dave Lambert: Like this one will go down great in my sets!
Peter Luts: I really like the vocal and instrumental version. Full support!!
Stuart Millar: Wow this is amazing. So thoughtful. Love this sound. 8/10

Artist: Jody Wisternoff
Record Title: Starstrings
Record Label: Dirty Soul
Release Date: 09-Nov-2007
Cat. No: Dirty016
Format: 12″ / Digital
Genre: Progressive House
01. Starstrings (Vocal Version)
02. Starstrings (Instrumental Mix)
03. Starstrings (Helmut Kraft 1983 Remix)

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