Publicat de: jo1n7 | Noiembrie 7, 2007

Coldharbour Selections Main Stage Edition [Coldharbour]

For those of you that have been waiting for the release of Sonic Division‘s Bulky Hero there are some great news ahead.
Along side two other tracks from Rob B and Mr Pitt, Coldharbour continues their sequence of selections with this three tracks pack. Release Date is scheduled for late november.

Artist: Rob B/Mr. Pitt/Sonic Division
Record Title: Coldharbour Selections Main Stage Ed.
Record Label: Coldharbour Recordings
Release Date: 26-Nov-2007
Format: 12″/Mp3/Cds
Genre: Trance
Cat. No: clhr037
01. Rob B – Activation
02. Mr. Pitt – Isolarium
03. Sonic Division – Bulky Hero

Sonic Division – Bulky Hero > Mr. Schulz on the decks:

M.I.K.E. spinnin’ it:


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