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Andy Blueman – Nyctalopia [Perceptive]

Andy Blueman – Nyctalopia
Release Date

The label, who’s ‘highly supportive of up and coming producers who are searching for a break in the music world‘ as they state on their website, comes with their first signing, slovenian trancer Andy Blueman, who specialises in uplifting trance with an epic breakdown and an abundance of energy. His debut track ‘Nyctalopia’ typifies the style and quality of the label and gives you a strong idea of what to expect in future.
Track has already been spinned by famous jock’s like Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond.

Artist: Andy Blueman
Record Title: Nyctalopia
Record Label: Perceptive Recordings
Release Date: 05-Dec-2007
Format: Digital
Genre: Trance
Cat. No: PR001
01. Nyctalopia (Original Mix)
02. Nyctalopia (Club Mix)
03. Nyctalopia (Onova Remix)
04. Nyctalopia (Will B Remix)


Future releases:
Andy Blueman ‘Time To Rest’
Original Mix
Extended Mix
Daniel Kandi Remix
Mystery Islands Remix

Redstar ‘Rush’
Original Mix
Onova Remix



  1. THIS IS A BOMB!!! A wonderful track, definately worth the wait.

  2. victory trance.

    great tune..

  3. one of the best melodic tune of this year :O :O really Trance!!

  4. The Onova remix is amazing
    Played in ASOT already
    The original mix has a great classical breakdown
    Can’t wait for this release

  5. just amazing release!

  6. I wish this beauty could be released in CD format too 🙂 the best uplifting/epic trance track of the year for me 10/10

  7. this is fucking amazing choooonn 10/10

  8. This track stay’s for what Trance is about!!!

    A W E S O M E !!!!!!!

  9. download mellomania usa from this month, here on the site and listen to the original.
    is even better!

  10. This is an awesome mix!

  11. I find please this track,your have somebody? P.S sorry of my englisch,but i learning :o) thx ;o)

  12. @ Waldner

    You can buy a promo here 🙂

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