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Dennis Sheperd – A Tribute To Life [MPFS]

Dennis Sheperd – A Tribute To Life
Release Date

This track has got a lot of support on the past weeks so its time for it so see a release on UK rising label MPFS Recordings.
The pack includes 3 mixes: Original Mix (supported by Ferry Corsten, Mike Shiver, Andrew Bennett, Talla 2XLC, The Blizzard, Cressida), Martin Roth Remix (Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Super8 & Tab, Sied Van Riel, Menno De Jong, Ronski Speed, Matt Darey, Marco V, Sander Van Doorn) and Robimon Remix (Marcus Schossow, Markus Schulz, DJ Shah, Chris Allen, Andy Moor).

Other impressions on the track:
Armin Van Buuren – „Loving the Martin Roth remix! Support on my radio show and gigs:) great release guys!”
Andy Moor – „Full support! Original is a top tune!”
Super8 & Tab – „I just love Martin Roth Remix! Got my full support!”
Above & Beyond -„Love the martin roth remix and wish we could’ve signed it to Anjuna!”
Marco V – „Mathin Roth remix is Great, will work well in my sets :-)”
Pascal Feliz – „Quality stuff man! Love the Martin Roth mix too!!!”
Andrew Bennett – „Original Mix is my favourite – I will play it in my next radio show!”
Sander Van Doorn – „Really like the Martin Roth remix!”

Artist: Dennis Sheperd
Record Title: A Tribute To Life
Record Label: MPFS Records
Release Date: 12-Nov-2007
Cat. No: MPFS011
Format: Mp3 (
Genre: Trance
01. A Tribute To Life (Original Mix)
02. A Tribute To Life (Martin Roth Remix)
03. A Tribute To Life (Robimon Remix)



  1. The format-info is wrong:

    Format: 12″, CDr, MP3

    01. (A-Side) A Tribute To Life (Original Mix)
    02. (B-Side) A Tribute To Life (Martin Roth Remix)
    03. A Tribute To Life (Robimon Remix)

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