Publicat de: Sonyman | Octombrie 31, 2007

Ronald van Gelderen – Dirty Rocker [High Contrast]

Ronald van Gelderen – Dirty Rocker
Release Date

Here we see the dutch dj & producer Ronald van Gelderen returning to High Contrast with another club bangger after previous releases like ‘Filth‘, ‘Realize‘ and ‘This Way’ that proves this guy is multi-talented and gifted.
The Freak Dirty Rocker is most certainly making a raw appearance with this amazing tune. Driving beats, nasty synths, catchy vocal, and a deadly break, this is some hot property to say the least! It already got dance floors singing along when played out by the Dirty Rocker RvG himself since he tried out the first demo versions.

Original mix is very fat and bouncy tune carefully prepared and produced to raise any club floor worldwide. The break is lovely with those sexy vocals until the built up is coming with that distorted synthy sound that create a havoc and hysteria. The dub is tech trancer at its best with less vocals, less distorted synths but more meaty sounds that will keep any clubber happy and dirty.

Artist: Ronald van Gelderen
Record Title: Dirty Rocker
Record Label: High Contrast Recordings
Release Date: 16-Nov-2007
Cat. No: HCR047
Format: 12″/Mp3
Genre: dirty rocker trancer ;p
01. Dirty Rocker (Original Mix)
02. Dirty Rocker (Dub Mix)
03. Dirty Rocker (Cold Storage – 80s Trashy Synth Mix)



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