Publicat de: Sonyman | Octombrie 30, 2007

Onova – Platitude [Monster]

Onova – Platitude
Release Date

Ok, so this track is beeing delayed till end of year. This is the way Vandit are managing their releases 😐
Features a Sebastian Brandt remix.
As a side note, this track is signed with to record labels: Vandit and Monster Tunes.

Artist: Onova
Record Title: Platitude
Record Label: Monster Tunes
Release Date: 10-Dec-2007
Format: 12″/Mp3
Genre: Trance
Cat. No: Monster022
01. Platitude (Original Mix)
02. Platitude (Will Holland Remix)
03. Platitude (Sebastian Brandt Remix)

Armin Live:



  1. armin did a pretty good job at monster massive this year in la. a worthy performance for our #1 dj. only time will tell if he is really worthy of being the #1 dj.

  2. ive heard that the Vandit release will feature a remix by Flash Brothers…

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