Publicat de: Sonyman | octombrie 27, 2007

site dead

as you can see no more updates from me.
hope this has been an interesting blog.
dunno if your comments might change my mind. that’s it ppl !




  1. Always enjoyed your updates mate, especially the live sets/radio shows and upcoming releases.

    Maybe limit it to a few categories?

  2. This is a very intersting blog and I wish you change your mind.

  3. I only discovered this site a few weeks ago, and your packing it in already? Are you crazy? Where else am I going to get all this great music and info from?

  4. Please dude, don’t quit. This has been my main resource for new releases for the past few months. Keep us posted :-/.

  5. Why?? What happened??

  6. This is a tragedy for me.

  7. We would appreciate your work 🙂

  8. omg, such a shame man. I visited your site every day! 😦

  9. No please man, its an awsome site, i love the Radio shows and sets from here. No other blog like this…

    Hope you change your mind

  10. please don’t close

  11. yo man, keep ur blog alive. it’s rockin and ur killing it. do it for us trance loving maniacs.

  12. Bummer… I pretty much was using this as my #1 source for sets.

  13. I apreciate your work, it’s a great blog…are you sure about your decision?

  14. Wow, i never commented, but i always got the latest releases and mixes from this site/blog. Its an awesome gathering site (maybe you can make it a more „generic” website were users can commit news abut releases and mixes)

    plz keep it up!!

  15. I too used this as a source of staying recent with trance. I discovered great tracks like „Off The World,” and „Falling,” which I now look forward to at live DJ sets. Just last night, Paul van Dyk spun „Off The World” in the closing minutes at Roseland Ballroom in New York City. The music is about the experience between the DJ and the crowd. If this site has to go down, then that is too bad. But experience the music, and support DJ’s. The music lives with them.

  16. This site is a great source for new tunes. I come here to check to see if any new tunes are going to be released any time soon. Such a shame.

  17. I understand what you’re talking about joint. Let’s keep in touch (you know where to contact me, so.. :P)

  18. You can’t quit Sonyman, please, i love this blog, its my main resource for the beloved world of trance music.

  19. Such a pity, i loved this blog. Hope your gonna change your mind.

  20. Why?!?! I love this blog. Its the place to find all the best in Trance. Even if you don’t return (which would suck) I appreciate everything you’ve done.

    Thanks !!!

  21. Hey this blog is the best source for trance music no other blog/site comes close to it, you’ve done an awe inspiring job so far and i really hope that you change your mind.

    Keep the „Trance Spirit” alive mate

  22. No don’t tell me your shutting it down. What’s wrong? We really need this blog. Is my weekly sets resource. I have no time to listen to any shows live and this blog is on the top of my bookmarks list! I hope you do change your mind and keep it running.

  23. this is one of the best trance blogs, I really apreciate your work! so please change your mind!

  24. Nu pleeeeeecaaaaaa. Nuuuu pleeeeeeeeccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Basu: Roof-poooof-rooof-poooooooof. Da, da, da, nuuuuuuuuuuuuu pleeeeeeeeeeeeecaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  25. This is sad news…
    I love your site… Always keeping us updated with the EDM world. I used to visit it daily. It is right there in my bookmarks toolbar..
    I’d really wish you would change your mind. If there is anything we can do please let us know, me, and sure others, would love to try anything we can to make u stay.
    Good luck in anything you decide to do.
    Thanx for the past info, they were much appreciated.

  26. You started something out of the love of it, and the votes by my count say to keep it going!

    Really wish you would!

  27. Blog is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  28. w0000t :))

  29. i just found your site and i love the content here…especially the live sets…as there is an new entry i hope you are gonne continue your appreciated work here!

    i am gonna check for sure 😉

  30. thrilled it’s back. it’s a tremendous resource. by far the most comprehensive and well organized blog on the web. i, too, stumbled upon it in the past month and don’t know how i survived without it before.

    thanks for all of your hard work. this is the stuff worth living for!


  31. wow..thanks!
    that makes me wanna cry. 🙂

  32. you rock man, don’t close it off, freakin’ awsome site, here just about every day :D:D

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