Publicat de: Sonyman | Octombrie 19, 2007

Hybrid Remixed comes next week

The Hybrid RE_MIXED double album is out in UK shops next Monday and digitally worldwide next Tuesday, but as always it’s available early and exclusively at the Distinct’ive shop in both formats.

This double album is a special collection of remixes from across Hybrid’s 3 artist albums from some of the top producers around right now. CD 1 takes a cinematic path, including mixes from Deadmau5, Jerome Sydenham, The Orb & The Cinematic Orchestra. CD 2 is tougher, and features remixes from Serge Santiago, Boy 8-Bit and Deadset and also includes Hybrid’s original mix of Sleepwalking, which is previously unreleased!

See the full double album and buy it HERE

For people living in the US, the physical album will be available in certain US shops from 5th November.

01 Until Tomorrow – Stefan Anion and Starfire Mix
02 Just For Today – Jerome Sydenham Remix
03 I Know – Keenan and Anderson Remix
04 Falling Down – Kosheen DJs Remix
05 Finished Symphony – Deadmau5 Remix
06 If I Survive – Jerome Sydenham Remix
07 Keep It In The Family – Tomboys Quirky Piano-Intro Version
08 Higher Than A Skyscraper – Orbs Towers of Babel Mix
09 Blackout – The Cinematic Orchestra Remix
10 Finished Symphony – Deadset Play Nifty Remix
11 Sleepwalking – Hybrids Original Mix
12 Until Tomorrow – Serge Santiago Remix
13 I Choose Noise – Elite Force Remix
14 Last Man Standing – Group Therapy Remix
15 Higher Than A Skyscraper – Boy 8-Bit Remix
16 Theme From Wide Angle – Hybrids Rolling Thunder Mix


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