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Intuition Radioshow 146 – 17-10-2007


Menno de Jong:

01. Blake Jarrell – Tabanca [Electronic Elements]
02. Andrew Bennett & Rico Soarez ft. Jenry – Face The Truth [Electronic Elements]
03. Miika Kuisma – Break Away [Subtraxx]
04. Ben Brown – Love and Solace (Topher Jones Remix) [Audio Logic
05. Dennis Sheperd – Tribute To Life (Martin Roth Remix) [MPFS]
06. DJ Shah ft. Adrina Thorpe – Who Will Find Me (Main Mix) [Armind]
07. M6 – Destination 6 [Octavius]
08. JOOP – Prominent [High Contrast]
09. Ali Wilson – Clear Skies [Tekelec]



01. Axwell – Submariner [Axtone]
02. Adam Freeland – Silverlake Pills (Gui Boratto Remix) [Global Underground]
03. Plastic Angel – Try Walking In My World [Afterglow]
04. Soliquid – Music Is For Rich People (Mat Zo Remix) [Captured]
05. Taxigirl – Highglow [Songbird]
06. Dogzilla – Frozen (Wippenberg Remix) [New State]
07. Nic Chagall – Borderline [High Contrast]
08. Cosmic Gate – Body Of Conflict (Cosmic Gate Club Mix) [Black Hole]
09. DT8 Project – Power Of One (Mike Shivers Catching Sun Mix) [Mondo]
10. Ronski Speed – Love All The Pain Away (Kyau & Albert Remix) [Euphonic]
11. Sied Van Riel – Sigh (Leon Bolier Remix) [Spinnin]
12. Gareth Emery – More Than Anything (Stoneface & Terminal Dub) [5AM]




  1. 07. M6 – Destination 6 [Octavius] is a fabulous track.

    This is what we may call a fresh upshoot from the real origin of Trance Music back in those days, when quality trance was being made.

    Keep going guys..

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