Publicat de: Sonyman | octombrie 16, 2007

Contest @ Mark once again offers you the opportunity to get your hands on some beautiful music! Some of Mark’s most recent work will be collected into one package (containing at least his Kalopsia remix and Rio Addicts – The Distance) for you to win!

So how can you take part in this? It’s really easy: help us spread Mark’s music by adding one of his songs to your MySpace of Hyves profile (meaning: go to Mark’s page and press ‘add’ at your preferred track. Don’t upload his music yourself.). Once there, send a message to info ‘at’ containing the address to your profile as proof. Done, that’s all! Winners will be informed by email.

(Mark’s regular MySpace page doesn’t contain music yet due to some difficulties. Instead, go to his music page to add a song. If you use Hyves, click here.)



  1. As that not so in my opinion.. In general, on the fan…

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