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Mike Shiver & George Acosta – The Apocalypse [Soundpiercing]

Mike Shiver & George Acosta – The Apocalypse
Release Date


Together with George Acosta, Mike has been writing a new track entitled „The Apocalypse” which is set to be released on Armada Music later this year including mixes from George Acosta, Matias Lehtola, Gerry Cueto and of course Mike Shiver himself.

Both of them did their own version of it, which resulted to be a huge package! Big room stuff that will be essential in your future sets. The release gets completed by the remix of Gerry Cueto.
You can already now hear it out on Mike’s MySpace profile at:

Review from DjMag:

Tough, imaginative trancer from the interesting new pairing of Acosta and Shiver. George’s mix powerfully merges the deep and tech strata, undepinning them with devastating kicks, drops and distortion. Initially playing to type, Mike develops on the melodic parts of the track but opts for much the same speaker-frazzling conclusion.
Man in the middle Gerry Cueto uses housey drums, electro sounds and a slightly familiar Fedde la Grande-style riff to round things off
. 4/5


Artist: Mike Shiver & George Acosta
Record Title: The Apocalypse
Record Label: Soundpiecing Recordings (Armada)
Release Date: 29-Oct-2007
Genre: Trance
Cat. No.: Spc014
Format: 12″ / Mp3
01. The Apocolypse (Mike Shiver Mix)
02. The Apocolypse (George Acosta Mix)
03. The Apocolypse (Gerry Cueto Remix)



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