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Terry Ferminal & Mark Sherry – Walk Away [Captivating Sounds]

Terry Ferminal & Mark Sherry – Walk Away
Release Date

When two guys like Terry Ferminal and Mark Sherry team up, you know something special happens. That something special is „Walk away„! Two pounding, prime time, dancefloor owning, tracks with an amazing vocal that will be essential in your upcoming sets. Armin van Buuren has signed up Marks latest collab project to his own very own massive record label group “Armada”. Mark teamed up with fellow Scotsman Terry Ferminal aka Mark Sinclair to do this haunting tech-trance vocal track.


Artist: Terry Ferminal & Mark Sherry
Record Title: Walk Away
Record Label: Captivating Sound (Armada)
Release Date: 29-Oct-2007
Cat. No.: cvsa054
Format: 12″ / Mp3
Genre: Tech-Trance
01. Walk Away (Terry Ferminal Remix)
02. Walk Away (Mark Sherry Outburst Remix)



What is this thing that makes you fall apart
Is it hatred in yourself
Even though you’ve had an easy life
Now you are flying of the rails
People try to make you happy
But you don’t hear them any moreIif you don’t try to make a difference
Well that’s when friends just walk away, walk away…

Armin spinnin` it:


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