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Bart Claessen – First Light [Yakuza]

Bart Claessen – First Light
Release Date

No introduction needed!
Famous for his previous releases on Yakuza and his remixes for Ferry Corsten, Chocolate Puma, Public Domain and Tranquility Base, to just name a few. Using his trademark Claessen esque bassline, a beautifully melancholic melody com bined with a top notch male vocal from Simon, so therefore no wonder that it’s already massive with Tiesto and played by all the u sual suspect such as Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Ronski Speed, Marco V and Cosmic Gate.


Tiësto: „Played in his radio show Club Life and already 6 times in a row all over the globe!”
Ferry Corsten: „#2 in Corsten ‘s Countdown monthly radio Top10, voted by listeners!”
Marco V: “Nice pumping track! Really works well”
Armin van Buuren: „Played in A State of Trance”
Judge Jules: “Played at BBC Radio 1”
Cosmic Gate: “Really like it:-) Playing the vocal mix, we want to license it for our new Cosmic Gate b2b comp.”
Marcel Woods: „Nice track, reminds me of your bootleg from last year”
Gareth Emery: „I love the record. Very tight production (as always) and a superb uplifting vocal.
Matt Darey: „Would love a copy of this tune!”
Menno de Jong: „Large tune!
John O’Callaghan: „Bart provides another big room anthem! 9/10”
Ali Wilson: „Great stuff, I prefer the dub mix, defo gona support mate!”
Ronski Speed: „Very Nice vocals combined with a powerful production. like it much.9/1 0”
John Askew: „Loving the dub and the vocal mixes of First Light. Wicked track!”
DJ Shah: „Played in our last show, pretty cool tune!!!! Will definitely put it on our new compilation”
Solarstone: I like the music. Will give the dub a few spins for sure!”
Lange: “ REALLY like this track!”

Artist: Bart Claessen
Record Title: First Light
Record Label: Yakuza(United)
Release Date: 15-Oct-2007
Cat. No.:Yak020
Format: 12″ / Digital
Genre: Trance
01. First Light (Original Mix)
02. First Light (Dub Mix)



I am caught by this moment
Sunrise is fading in
We are standing together
And I know that’s where we begin

I won’t let go
Or close my eyes
Won’t miss a thing
See first light

I won’t let go
Or close my eyes
Won’t miss a thing
See first light

Waking up to beauty
Standing sand on holy ground
You and me connected
We are one, we are the crowd

I won’t let go
Or close my eyes
Won’t miss a thing
See first light

I won’t let go
Or close my eyes
Won’t miss a thing
See first light

Bart playing it:

Tiesto playing it:


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