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Global Illumination – Tremble [Armind]

Global Illumination – Tremble
Release Date

So little times a track is produced with such splendid and sublime beats, that we forget what the term ‘trance’ really means.
Trancethe mental state one is in after being hypnotized. This track does this from the begining `till the end with a divine melody that’s meant to honour the trance scene.
The remix comes from Brazil’s Danilo Ercole who did a great job.


Artist: Global Illumination
Record Title: Tremble
Record Label: Armind
Release Date: 22-Oct-2007
Cat. No.: armd1044
Genre: Trance
Format: 12″ / Digital
01. Tremble (Original Mix)
02. Tremble (Danilo Ercole Remix)



Armin playing it:




  1. My kind of song is „Deep Dish” stuff … this is what I can listen (this type of sounds), in rest … I feel much more for Rock & hip-hop that any type of music.

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