Publicat de: Sonyman | septembrie 27, 2007

Paul Van Dyk feat. Ashley Tomberlin – New York City Lyrics

I watch the sky turn black to blush
Head still spinning from the rush
Of all the things I did the night before

And looking down from my hotel
These dawn-lit streets begin to fill
With memories of you and I
On a New York City night

I shake my head to clear the sounds
The traffic horns, the growing crowd
The sun awaking over central park

But still it creeps beneath my skin
All of these heartbeats in the din
With concrete dreams stirring to life
On a New York City night

And I take it with me when I leave
The crowded skyline, the energy
The sleepless city always leaves its mark

Just close my eyes and I’m back again
The neon flush upon our skin
Still wrapped in thoughts of love and wine
On a New York City night

Tonight’s ASOT playlisted. Ashley’s voice is amazing.



  1. Amazing voice. Can I make a lyrics request though? 😀

    Uploading „Unchained melody” would be brilliant.

  2. Awful Track :S

  3. =) beats Above & Beyond’s „Home”

  4. it doesnt beat home but its a beautiful track. i love it!

  5. amazing voice, amazing track and this police background sound

  6. Paul van dyk is amazing.. Ashley’s voice is awesome.. It is an excellent track! Paul you are number ONE! !

  7. claudeRX speaks the truth.

  8. Makes me want to go back to New York….

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