Publicat de: Sonyman | Septembrie 27, 2007

Kirsty Hawkshaw meets Tenishia – Reasons to Forgive lyrics

Somebody out there likes me
I can see it in your smile.
Every time I think of you
I know it’s only a matter of time.
Before I’ll be looking into two those deep sincere eyes
And out of this masquerade.

You re-ashore me everything is gonna be fine.
My hung no boundaries I feel my spirit shine.
And I’ve glanced over the precipices
Presence pulls me back.
And all the good in me
Is finally set free.

And I’ll be, I’ll see, I’ll be free *lass*

Though I’d love to hold you
Give you my affection
It’s only right to share this beautiful air without despair.

Somebody out there knows me
You reflect it in your mind.
Something that I may forgive
The times when I don’t try.
I focus on the positive
Remember why I live.
Thank you for reminding me
Reasons to forgive
Reasons to forgive

I’ve glanced over the precipices
Your presence pulls me back
And all the good in me is finally set free.



  1. Isn’t it ‘You reassure me’?

  2. yes i think it’s hearing is..:))

  3. I am listening to Markus Schulz doing Kristy Hawkshaw’s „Reasons to Forgive” and it’s very lovely. Can you please tell me if there’s a cd I can purchase it on. I’m not sure what mix that would be but it’s being played as the first track from Markus’ and Ferry Corsten’s 2 hour set on Oct.11.07 on Shoutcast’s DJ Global Broadcast. I would love to hear from you if you could provide some info about this… Thanks! Beth Stack

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