Publicat de: Sonyman | Septembrie 27, 2007

Elements of Life, gold in Romania !

After reaching the gold status in The Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary, Tiësto adds another notch to his belt with his highly acclaimed artist album ‘Elements of Life’, which hit the gold status in Romania this week.

The album, currently the blue print for his ‘Elements of Life’ world tour, took the music industry by storm and struck gold on the very first day of release in The Netherlands. Belgium and Hungary soon followed. Now adding Romania to this list, Tiësto continues the outstanding success of his previous albums.
‘Elements of Life’ delivers signature trance tracks like ‘Ten Seconds Before Sunrise’, ‘Bright Morning Star’ and of course the title song. The album also includes great collaborations from established artists like BT, Maxi Jazz and Christian Burns; all of them successively responsible for the recent hit singles ‘Break My Fall’, ‘Dance 4 Life’ and ‘In The Dark’.

//taken from Black Hole Records web-site


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