Publicat de: Sonyman | septembrie 26, 2007

Klems – Gated Sky / Scaling The Cliff [Club Elite]

A brand new release on M.I.K.E.`s label Club Elite! The 21st release is made by Klems. Gated Sky is the first out of two tracks on this EP. It is a epic, track with a great big melody, in an electrish way. The second track is Scaling The Cliff. This one is created for the dancefloors. Lovely melody and a big bassline make it a banger. Check it out!
The release is scheduled for the end of October.

Artist: Klems
Record Title: Gated Sky
Record Label: Club Elite
Release Date: 22-Oct-2007
Cat. No.: clel021
Genre: Tech-Trance
Format: 12″ / Digital
01. Gated Sky
02. Scalling The Riff



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