Publicat de: Sonyman | Septembrie 22, 2007

Mark Eteson & Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability [Nu-Depth]

Mark Eteson & Jon Prior – Dynamic Stability
Release Date

Here we have the brand new release from upcoming stars mark Eteson and Jon Prior, coming at you on the brand new label nu-depth recordings. This first release really sets the standards high, with an exceptional, euphoric workout from Aly & Fila (Vandit, Discover and DeepBlue) that will soar into the charts of Armin, Ferry, PvD and Tiesto. If you like the uk trance that Discover, Monster and Anjuna are currently putting out you are going to love this.

Artist: Mark Eteson & Jon Prior
Record Title: Dynamic Stability
Record Label: Nu-Depth Recordings
Cat. No.: Nudepth001
Country: UK
Release Date: 15-Oct-2007 or 22nd.
Genre: Euphoric Trance
01. Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix)
02. Dynamic Stability (Frase Rework)

Thanks to Dan from Nu-Depth Rec. for the update.



  1. Where Eteson and Prior have uneartherd a pot of gold, Frase in this case has buried it in his chest. While rock hard drumwork would rattle the track into submission, it is however the sound of serenity that takes over, and if you weren’t already soaring, you’d now be walking on wave-lengths. An absolutely devastating turn in from Fraser!

  2. hmm…i actually hearad only the frase remix wich is great 😀

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