Publicat de: Sonyman | Septembrie 15, 2007

John ‘O Callaghan Pres. Mannix – Dream On/Pyramid/Acid Rain [ASOT]

John ‘O Callaghan Pres. Mannix – Dream On/Pyramid/Acid Rain
Release Date

One of UK`s finest trance producers John O`Callaghan is back with a new EP under his guise Mannix. Three booming tracks to rock th e dancefloor! Dream On is a lovely trancer with a catchy melody whilst Acid Rain is a pounding track with Acid like sounds for the final minutes of your sets! Pyramid puts the T in Tech trance! This track keeps on building into one eruption of energy! Check it out.

Well JOC is on top notch this year, with his album being released earlier this year and with Big Sky waiting to hit stores later this month – one of the most eagerly awaited records. He comes now under his Mannix disguise with 3 tracks pretty much unknown to the large public.


Artist: Mannix
Record Title: Dream On/Pyramid/Acid Rain
Record Label: A State Of Trance
Cat. No.: Asot085
Release Date: 08-Oct-2007
Type: 12″ / Mp3 / CDS
Genre: Trance / Tech-Trance
A1. Dream On
B1. Pyramid
B2. Acid Rain



  1. your describtion of john o callaghan is wrong he is irish not british

  2. Ireland is in the United Kingdom, so it’s correct.

  3. Not to get all political guys but alan doyle is right. John O’Callaghan is from the Republic of Ireland which makes him an Irish citizen, and not British. If he was from Northern Ireland then he would be British.

    But who really cares?! GREAT TUNES!!!

  4. Like you said. Let’s just focus on the music ! =)

  5. No, Ireland is not in the UK, the Northern ireland is. But this doesn’t make Cally a worse producer and DJ . My fav currently.

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