Publicat de: Sonyman | Septembrie 4, 2007

Airbase – Garden State [Somatic]

Airbase – Garden State
Release Date

Excelent track to celebrate Somatic Sense’s 25th release. After beeing promo’d since the begining of this year, ‘Garden State’ sees a release now, just after Airbase has finished the B-side wich will be filled with ‘Moorea’.
Look for this on mid/late september.

Artist: Airbase
Record Title: Garden State / Moorea
Record Label: Somatic Sense
Release Date: 22-Sept-2007
Product Code: Somatic025
Format: 12″ Vinyl / Digital Mp3
01. Garden State (Original Mix)
02. Garden State (Ronski Speed Re-Vamp)
03. Moorea



  1. It’s already the 22nd, still no release? Are you sure this is right?

  2. It’s been delayed until October.

  3. October what?

  4. Just October until further notice…

  5. Damn! Les hope it releases soon! Airbase foreva!

  6. Still no news? Damn Somatic Sense, they haven’t updated their site since July!!!!

  7. Yeah.. quite unprofessional.

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