Publicat de: Sonyman | august 27, 2007

Marcus Schössow September Update

Own productions:

His new track „Chase My Rabbit” has been signed to Blackhole Recordings, its featured on Tiesto´s ISOS 6 and the realese will feature a remix from the russian minimal duo Moonbeam.

If you are big fans of pete tong, you havent been able to miss the track „Schossow & Sagstad – Hypnotizer”, its gonna be realesed on the swedish house maffia label Size Records with remixes from superstars Steve Angello & Preach. The track has been liscened from the dutch major label Spinnin !

The track Marcus Schossow & Thomas Sagstad – Moog Me, has gotten alot of special attention, Markus Schulz thought it was so good that he made his own Dakota Remix on it. A full realese will soon be out on Global Underground !

And then we have „Mr White” which everyone is waiting for ! The full realese of „Marcus Schossow – Mr White” will be out on Coldharbour Red / Armada in october and the realese includes a Ruben De Ronde Remix.


The Remix of Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso track „Umbrella” will soon be out on Ministry Of Sound and La Mode, the support has so far been massive and its featured on Pete Tongs new mix CD Pure Pacha 2007.

Marcus also got asked to remix the classic track from Ferry Corsten and Vincent De Moor „Veracocha – Carte Blanche”, its comming out on More Music later this year!

A Remix of the upcomming UK producer Genix has also been made for Spinnins sublabel Oxygen, the track is called „Phused”.

Two remixes for Global Underground has also been made, the track Lutzenkirchen – Last Night In Vegas (Schossow & Sagstad Remix) will be out very soon, its also featured on Sander Klienenbergs new „This is…” mix cd ! The other remix is Trafik – Salt In NYC (Schossow & Sagstad NuDisco Remix), this experimental remix is now realesed !

There is also a huge row of upcomming remix from Marcus, here is to mention a few of the artist Marcus remixes atm:

Armin Van Buuren, René Amnez & Peter Gelderbloom, Markus Schulz, Ian Carey, Duderstad, Paul Jackson, Jonas Steur & Funabashi…….. and many more to come!


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