Publicat de: Sonyman | august 27, 2007

Arctic Quest – Strings & Guitars / Basecamp [Soundpiercing]

Soundpiercing is back with a brand new release! The guys of Arctic Quest have created their follow up of Black Smoke/White Smoke, which was hammered by all the top jocks. Two new tracks for you! Strings and Guitars is the first one. A pumping track with a breathtaking breakdown which will do its damage on the dancefloor! On the flipsidethere is Basecamp. A lower tempo track with a catchy riff and a lovely melody!

Artist: Arctic Quest
Record Title: Strings & Guitars / Basecamp
Record Label: Soundpiercing Records
Product Code: Spc12
Release Date: 20-Sept-2007
Genre: Trance
Format: Vinyl / Digital Mp3
01. Strings & Guitars
02. Basecamp

Strings & Guitars Live

Basecamp Live


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