Publicat de: Sonyman | august 18, 2007

Romanian Wins The Remix Competition

Just saw this on Lange’s MySpace. It appears that a romanian won the Angel Falls Remix Competition. Finally, it seems that Romania is becoming to have a little place on the map of trance producers.

„Congratulations to Anton Catalin from Romania, a 20 year old student of the University of Bucharest; His superb ‘Cata Remix’ was selected as the winning Mix in the ‘Angel Falls’ remix competition in association with
His remix together with remixes from Signalrunners, Ali Wilson, and Jav D form the ‘Angel Falls (The remixes)’ release on Lange recordings which is available now from”



  1. This is indeed good news 🙂
    We are indeed impressing now having Mr Pit’s(Adrian Ivan) songs in ASOT, now a remix from Catalin, and tehre are some other future „producers” – it’s just they need their work finished 😉 (Morphu & Miray – finish that tune please :D)

    Bravo Cataline. Adu-ne si noua, romanilor, putina faima 😛

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