Publicat de: Sonyman | August 16, 2007

Vincent De Moor – Fly Away [Combined Forces]

This biggest release of the year! Two new smashing reworks of one of the biggest classics ever: Vincent de Moor – Fly Away.
The first rework is done by German superstars Cosmic Gate. This is a track that you, without a doubt, have heard before as Tiesto, Paul van Dyk and Armin are hammering it in every set for the last 2 months. Throbbing and pumping beats go into a climax during thebreakdown. At a certain, goosebump tearing point the original elements of Fly Away melt away in a huge synth line and lifts off into a huge breakdown.
The second rework is done by American/Swiss trancemaster Sean Tyas. He has delivered some great tunes like Lift so far, and this remix is another huge one! Pumping and energetic by the king of reworks!

Tiesto: Record of the week in my radio show and massive support!
Paul van Dyk: Support in my sets!
Armin van Buuren: wow, what a release! Full support!
Above & Beyond: support on our radio show and sets! Massive!

Support by : Alex MORPH, Johan Gielen, Bart Claessen, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Talla 2XLC, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwel, Sean Tyas, Dave202, Menno de Jong

Artist: Vincent De Moor
Record Title: Fly Away
Record Label: Combined Forces
Release Date: 03/09/2007
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Cat. No. : CFC002
Genre : Trance


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