Publicat de: Sonyman | August 16, 2007

Signalrunners – Don’t Look Back / One Last Look [Anjunabeats]

The follow up to the astounding Aria Epica by half Scottish, half American duo Alan Nimmo and Andrew Bayer aka Signalrunners is bound to cause a storm. Don’t Look Back immediately grabs your attention with its techy sequencing and electro bassline drop bound to hit right where it counts. It then unexpectedly breaks into a truly emotive classical piano before morphing back into beautifully driving elec-trance. A tune that does none but deliver!

One Last Look continues the use of emotive piano riffs, but this time in a completely different direction with this melodic trancer. With a breakdown that could be confused with being picked from a Hans Zimmer film score, One Last Look is likely to be peeking out of DJs record bags a few more times than it suggests!

Artist: Signalrunners
Record Title: Don’t Look Back / One Last Look
Record Label: Anjunabeats
Release Date: 17-Sept-2007
Format: CDS
01. ‘Dont’ Look Back’ (Original Mix)
02. ‘One Last Look’ (Original Mix)


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