Publicat de: Sonyman | August 16, 2007

Gareth Emery Update

Upcoming album: The Podcast Annual 2007
Due in October is Gareth’s new mix CD, „The Podcast Annual 2007”. Based on the phenomenal success of Gareth’s bi-weekly podcast, his new album will be a two CD affair showcasing Gareth’s biggest records over the last year, alongside plenty of brand new material that you can be sure will be big in ’08. This will be an essential purchase for the thousands that enjoy his podcast and DJ sets every week. The Podcast Annual 2007 will be released on Baroque Records in October, more details to follow soon.

New single: ‘More Than Anything’
The big news from the Emery studio this month is his new record, entitled ‘More Than Anything’, which is Gareth’s first take on a solo vocal track. So far, Armin van Buuren’s been all over the Stoneface & Terminal remix (which was voted Future Favourite by the listeners of A State Of Trance), with other mixes soon to follow from Gabriel & Dresden protégée Retrobyte, American house superstar Richard F, German progressive talent Jerome Isma-ae, and hotly tipped Austrians DJ Observer & Dan Heatcliff. The infectious vocal, massive melody and huge variety of mixes on offer mean this is set to be a huge hit across the board and Gareth’s biggest single to-date.
Visit Gareth’s Myspace for samples.


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