Publicat de: Sonyman | august 9, 2007

Roland Klinkenberg – Mexico Can Wait – Artist Album

A producer with fifteen years experience of electronic music and countless 12” releases under enough aliases to make James Bond jealous finally drops his debut longplayer.

A thankful GU is ready and willing to release this monster of a record, taking in elements of trance, tech, dub, chillout and ambient the set has already been championed by DJs, producers and fans alike.

Features the hit single ‘Mexico Can’t Wait’ which blends old-sounding summer trance riffs with crisp modern beats and bass-lines.


1. Mesmerized
2. Mexico Can Wait
3. Mammon
4. Make My Day
5. Dusty Horizon Interlude
6. Everest
7. Way To Go
8. Groove Manoeuvres
9. Filament Glow
10 Day At The Beach
11 On My Mind

Bonus Track
12 Dusty Horizon Reprise

Such such good music. Very impressed!„- Chris Lake
Great music, into this big time!” – Nick Warren
Absolutely loving this!” – Jody Wisternoff

~taken from TA

Also a quick update: Tiesto – ISOS6 is coming on 3rd September. 🙂


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