Publicat de: Sonyman | August 5, 2007

Agnelli and Nelson – Wear That Dress

Artist: Agnelli and Nelson presents A&N Project
Track Name: Wear That Dress
Record Label: Deep Blue
Release Date: 17-Sept-2007
Remixes: JOC, Sean Tyas.

Chris and Robbie return under their ‘A+N Project’ guise with their debut release on Deepblue… a taster for their forthcoming album.
‘Wear that dress’ is classic Agnelli & Nelson fodder – pristine production and infectious melodies, underpinned by some stonking guitar work and a blistering vocal performance from Northern Ireland’s Phil Wolesey, a former member of chart botherers ‘Joyrider’. This track has already received support from Ferry Corsten.

Remixes come courtesy of Agnelli & Nelson themselves (classy uplifting shimmering trance), fellow Irish man John O ’Callaghan (chunky floor filling rock trance) and finally Sean Tyas with another of his peak time workouts. Also included is a brilliant radio version for mainstream radio jocks.


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