Publicat de: Sonyman | august 1, 2007

In Search Of Sunrise 6 Announced

isoss-cover.pngAfter more than a year of anticipation, the fans can finally look forward to a brand new Tiësto compilation: In Search of Sunrise 6. The double mix CD is due for release early September. In Search of Sunrise 6, titled ‘Ibiza’, is the latest in the highly successful series based on the places and spaces that have been a source of stimulus for Tiësto during his tours around the globe.

For his inspiration to mix this sixth release, Tiësto returned to the island of Ibiza after two years of absence. Ibiza is not only the island with the best events, the greatest venues and superb DJs, but to Tiësto it’s a magical place that breathes the energy not found anywhere else. The island has many beautiful, secret spots to be discovered and still delivers the craziest parties at the best clubs known in the dance scene.

With In Search of Sunrise 6, Tiësto has captured the atmosphere of Ibiza, showing his love and dedication to the island and the party people in two sparkling CDs that will definitely make you relive the summer season all over again.

To celebrate the successful concept behind the In Search of Sunrise compilations, a special event will be held at the Heineken Music Hall on Saturday the 3rd of November. Members of will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to buy their tickets online, through a dedicated banner which will be put online on Saturday, the 4th of August at 10 o’clock AM.


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