Publicat de: Sonyman | iulie 27, 2007

Med – In You Update

On Monday July 30th see’s Abora Recordings 8th release. The massive euphoric trance track Med – In You, finally hits the stores in all its glory with an entourage of massive remixes! The track has recieved much love from some of the top DJs around the globe, that includes; Solarstone, Aly & Fila, Mike Shiver, Andy Moor, Jose Amnesia, Les Hemstock, Giorgio Pontecelli, Manuel Le Saux, Les Hemstock, B.E.N., Haris C, Matt Darey, Conor Arkins, Yaz, Michael Angelo, Bobina, Lazarus, Robbert Niklas, Suzy Solar and many more that I forget to list!

Format: Digital/CDs
Release Date: 30-July-2007
Record Label: Abora Recordings
01. Original Mix
02. Freaky Fusion Remix
03. Evasive Presents Sundown Remix
04. Tragida Remix
05. Evasive Remake
06. Steve Allen & Ben Alonzi Remix

Will be available from Audiojelly, Juno, Trackitdown etc and here on CD


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