Publicat de: Sonyman | iulie 24, 2007

Remo Con – Atavism

The Japanese producer, Remo-Con, is very busy at the moment. After earlier this year Bart Claessen remixed his smash hit single ‘Cold Front’, Remo is back with a new release on HELLHOUSE RECORDINGS. It will be followed by his first album and a Autralian tour.
Atavism’ is a raw and rugged slab of dancefloor madness, kicking off with super compressed beats, snare hits and a roving sub bass, this marches relentlessly into a breakdown where all hell breaks loose.

Artist: Remo-con
Title: Atavism
Label: Hellhouse Recordings
Format: 12″EP/MP3
Release date : 2007.07.23
Cat no: HELL19
01.”Atavism” (Original Mix)
02.”Atavism” (Mac and Mac Remix)

PS: Remo-Con-San 😀


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