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Giuseppe Ottaviani – Biography

A new habit will be developed and I think it is going to be a very good one. From now on, every week, a new dj biography will be on this blog which will contain all the information you want about the particular dj presented there.

This week’s biography will be about Giuseppe Ottaviani, who is not only a good DJ, but also a stunning producer.

 Giuseppe Ottaniani


  • „Music is a supernatural power, that succeeds to manipulate peoples emotions with its vibrations.”

Giuseppe Ottaviani is an uplifting trance producer and also he is one half of the italian project: NU NRG who have been releasing on Vandit Records , Paul Van Dyk’s renowned label, since 2001.

Giuseppe was born in a small town near Rome, Italy and his connections with music started at the age of 4 when he learnt to play the piano. Being 7, he attended a music school in Viterbo, where he grew up. He left the school but continued his studies with a private musical tutor who was able to handle his pupil’s passion and enhance his musical skills. He took a closer look into dance when some of his friends introduced him to electronic music and gave him some CD´s. When he was 15, he started to play music in various clubs and in 1998 he played his first set at the local radio station.

2005 is the year Giuseppe starts his solo career, after gaining experience along with Andrea Ribeca as NU-NRG, playing at the greatest events all around the world(Love Parade, Street Parade Zurich, Gatecrasher,etc).

His first release as solo artist was Linking People on Vandit 52 which has been included on Paul van Dyks album The Politics of Dancing 2, a very successful release followed by Until Monday on Vandit 58 the track made with Germans DJ Marc van Linden.

Giuseppe made lots of remixes as well for dj/producers like John OCallaghan, Mr. Groove and Vergas, Lawrence Palmer, Alex MORPH and Woody van Eyden.

Right now Giuseppe Ottaviani is engaged in his new compositions and releases while performing Live around the world.


2006 THROUGH YOUR EYES – Vandit rec.
A1: Original mix
B1: Thomas Bronzwaer remix
B2: Clambake

2006 UNTIL MONDAY with Marc van Linden – Vandit rec.
A1: Original mix
B1: John Askew remix

2005 LINKING PEOPLE – Vandit rec.
A1: Original mix
B1: Marc van Linden remix
B2: White Lady


2006 Greg Downey – Vivid Intent (GO and MvL remix) on Discover rec.
2006 Lawrence Palmer – Streamline on Conspiracy rec.
2006 John O’Callaghan and Kearney – Exactly on Discover rec.
2006 Alex Morph and Woody van Eyden feat. Jimmy H. – Y 68 on Fenology rec.
2006 Mr. Groove and Vergas – Just the way i like it on Yoshitoshi rec.



With NU NRG project

2006 Casino on Vandit and Monstertunes rec.
2005 Dreamland rmx and Atomo on Monstertunes rec.
2004 Free Fall cd album on Vandit rec.
2003 Connective EP on Vandit rec.
2003 Space Flower EP on Vandit rec.
2002 Dreamland re-edit on Vandit rec.
2002 The moon feat. NU NRG on Extrawild rec.
2002 New Energy – Illusion on Stick Trance rec.
2001 Dreamland on Vandit rec.
2001 New Energy – Energetic Wave on Stick Trance rec.
2001 New Energy – Take your Air on Stick Trance rec.
2001 Munrphy Brown und NU NRG – Progressive Tanzproductionen on Zeitsprung
2001 NU NRG EP on Synthetyc rec.
2000 Energizer EP on Synthetyc rec.

With NU NRG project

2006 Secondsun – Playground on Vandit rec.
2004 Sandra Flyn – Brightness on In-telligance rec.
2004 Mark Dawn – Random Walk on Logport rec.
2004 GeM Project – Sunday Afternoon on Vandit rec.
2003 FX Zone – Synthasia on Difuse rec.
2003 Basic Dawn – Pure Thrust on Alpha Music rec.
2003 New Energy – Take your Air rmx on Stick Trance rec.
2002 Three Drives – Carrera 2 on Vandit rec.
2002 Sunblind – Believe on Extrawild rec.
2002 Angelic Touchdown – Marinero on Extrawild rec.
2001 Kamara feat. P. Charming – Ave Mea Italia on External rec.

Stay tuned because next week’s biography will be about Ferry Corsten.



  1. nice. give us t3h discography 😀

  2. its Lawrence Palmer – Streamline :: Conspiracy Recordings 😉

  3. I’m sorry, didn’t write that discography. One of my „friends” did. I think i’ll delete it.

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