Publicat de: Sonyman | Iulie 18, 2007

Sunlounger Debut Album Set for Release

New album coming out on Armada in late August from the German producer.
Packed with gorgeous Balearic chill-out tracks and pumping peak-time grooves, it’s got something for whatever time of day or night you happen to be awake. Roger-Pierre Shah, the man revered as ‘one of the hottest names of the moment is on a mission to produce the most beautiful Balearic tunes in the world.
DJ Shah has created his own style called „Balearic”. Not only as producer, but also as DJ he has a very unique sound, a mixture of tribal house, vocal tracks, proggy tunes and also huge trance anthems that will set the crowd into a balearic mood. DJ Shah’s moody balearic sound fits perfect for every summer and late summer event and he can now be booked through Dancefield.

Artist: Sunlounger
Album Title: Another Day On The Terrace
Record label: Armada Music Bv
Product code: Arma102
Release date: 20 August 2007
Format: CD/DVD
Genre: Trance / Progrsv House / Ambient
01 Album Mix
02 In & Out
03 White Sand
04 Losing Again
05 A Balearic Dinner
06 Crawling
07 Aguas Blancas
08 Keep Our Ring
09 Hierbas Ibicencas
10 Lounging By The Sea
11 Shine On Me
12 Lumumba

01 Intro Club Mix
02 In & Out
03 Hierbas Ibicencas – Original Mix
04 Crawling
05 White Sand – DJ Shah’s Original Mix
06 Keep Our Ring
07 A Balearic Dinner
08 Losing Again
09 Lounging By The Sea
10 Aguas Blancas – DJ Shah’s Original Mix
11 Shine On Me



  1. I never knew DJ Shah was the man behind sunlounger. Ive only heard white sand but darn does it every sound good.

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