Publicat de: Sonyman | Iulie 11, 2007

New Solarstone project

Solarstone and Alucard – Late Summer Fields [Deep Blue Records]

The UK duo, Rich Mowatt and Andy Bury, are currently working on their new album wich will be out in late fall this year. Meanwhile they will release a brand new single wich is a gorgeous vocal masterpiece, featuring a collaboration with Pete ‘Alucard’ McCowan. The track originally featured on Solarstone’s AnthologyOne album last year, and now is being promoted with some incredible remixes. The vocal on ‘Late Summer Fields’ is performed by Rich Mowatt (Solarstone) himself.

Artist: Solarstone
Track name: Late Summer Fields
Genre: Trance/Progressive
Label: Deep Blue Records
Release date: Early September
01. „Late Summer Fields” – AntologyOne Version
02. „Late Summer Fields” – Deeper Sunrise Mix/Dub (from Solarstone)
03. „Late Summer Fields” – Ocot Remix
04. „Late Summer Fields” – Andrey Burtaev Remix


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